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Indo Asian News Service or IANS is India 's important  private news agency (En) . IANS has been reporting about India with news, views and analyses that portray the country and the region, in a global perspective.

Press Trust of India (Devanagari: प्रेस ट्रस्ट ऑफ़् इंडिया) (often abbreviated as PTI) is the largest news agency in India. It is headquartered in Delhi and is a noprofit cooperative among more than 450 Indian newspapers and has a staff of about 2,000 writers spread across 150 offices nationwide. It took over the Indian operations of the Associated Press and Reuters soon after India's independence on August 15, 1947. It provides news coverage and information of the region in both English and Hindi.

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United News of India (En) is one of the two primary Indian news agencies. It works in collaboration with several foreign news agencies and partners, including Reuters and DPA

NNS Media Group began its operations in the year 1950 as a news agency by pioneering the concept of providing commodity news

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